Property Values

Guarantees of Good Title

Warranty Deeds

Most Florida real estate is sold with warranty deeds. A warranty deed says, in essence, “I guarantee the title to this real estate I’m selling you is good.”

Title Insurance

good title

Sellers usually provide title insurance along with warranty deeds. Any problems with the title are handled by the insurance company.

Title After Somebody Dies

bad title

After somebody dies, often nobody has good title to their real estate. The title is “clouded.” Clouds on the title add risk and reduce value. The value of inherited real estate can be significantly lowered by uncertainties on the title such as:

  • Taxes,
  • Assessments,
  • Homeowner/condo association fees,
  • Judgments,
  • Liens,
  • Claims of creditors, including medical bills,
  • Claims of other possible heirs,
  • The inheritance not being certified by a court, and
  • Other clouds on the title.

We Buy AS IS Title

Quitclaim Deeds

When we buy real estate, all we get from the heirs are quit claim deeds. A quit claim deed says, in essence, “I sell you this real estate, AS IS, with no guarantee of how good the title is.”

The title we get is AS IS, with no title insurance, and might even be worthless.

Quality of AS IS Title

No title insurance company will insure the deeds we buy and almost no other buyers will buy real estate this way.

How do we know this? We’ve tried selling some of the real estate we’ve bought before clearing the clouds on the titles and nobody would buy it.

Even junk buyers ran, without making any offers. They said the bad title was too risky for them.

Value of AS IS Title

You can’t expect to sell your inherited property with AS IS title for anything near the price of similar properties with good title backed by insured warranty deeds. There are many properties with so many clouds on the title even we can’t buy them.

Can We Do This for You?

With many properties, even with clouded title, we can still pay cash right now. We hope we can do this for your inherited property.